Union Leader: New Conservative Advocacy Group

March 11

Union Leader: New Conservative Advocacy Group

A group of conservative activists have filed an issues advocacy group with state.

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, Inc., is a 501 (c)(4) self-described “diverse, nonpartisan grassroots coalition of concerned citizens, community leaders and other stakeholders concerned with promoting and preserving strong families and a strong economy for New Hampshire.”

It says on its Facebook page it supports jobs creation, limited government, lower taxes and efforts to “improve the economy” and to "lead to a better social welfare” in the state.

Its board members are veteran activists Chris Wood, Maureen Mooney and Bill Boyd, as well as Lino Avellani and Glynis Citarelli.

RightOnStrategies, headed by Mike Biundo, Derek Dufresne and Kory Wood, have been hired as consultants for the organization.

The group has become involved in the special election campaign for the open state House seat in Manchester’s Ward 2 between Republican Win Hutchinson and Democrat William O’Neil with direct mail issues pieces critical of O’Neil. The election will be held March 19.

“We will be active educating the citizens of New Hampshire on the issues we believe benefit a strong New Hampshire,” said a source close to the group. “We highlight those that stand with us on these issues and point out those who don’t.”

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